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The art of true living in this world is more like a wrestler’s than a dancer’s practice.

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Products Reviews

Products Reviews

We will be putting various products and services under the microscope on the Products Reviews page to help you make the wisest choices when you decide to expend your hard-earned bucks!

Another reason that led me to create the Products Reviews page was that by reviewing products that you might be interested in, I might earn a small commission if you use any of my affiliate links.

Although I do not make a living with affiliate commissions – very far from that – I find it an adequate way to monetize my website.

As you might imagine, creating and maintaining a website and content creation demands a financial investment, so if a website can produce enough revenue to pay itself, that can make all the difference in terms of survival. Hence, most bloggers have a Products Reviews page on their websites.

And which are the products and services we will be reviewing here at Against the Ropes? Initially, I was inclined to review products related to professional wrestling exclusively – after all, my passion for professional wrestling was the primary catalyst for creating this website.

Although after reflecting thoughtfully on the manner, I decided to take – at least for the moment – a different path to our Products Reviews page.

And the reasons are simple. First, though I am a pro wrestling fan, I don’t spend much money on related products like merchandise, DVDs, etc.

So, I will not be able to give you all the time an opinion based on my own experience, which I think is essential when you are advising someone on how to spend its money.

On the other hand, I have experience with some fitness modalities; I expend money on equipment – sometimes more than I should – and I have already tried different fitness programs throughout my life.

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And since fitness and well-being are Against the Ropes’ other side of the coin, I decided in our initial phase to review primarily products and services related to that.

So you can count on articles covering a wide range of products and services from calisthenics programs and home equipment to elliptical trainers.

Eventually, with time, we will be reviewing products related to professional wrestling; after all – and as mentioned before – professional wrestling is in our ADN here at Against the Ropes.

Still, for the time being, I find that it will be more advantageous to all parts if I stick to products and services I am more acquainted with.

And there you have it – the reasons and motivations behind the creation of our Products Reviews page.

I hope you appreciate our efforts and ambitions with this page, though if you feel that we can improve in ways we are not aware of, do not hesitate to drop us some words in the comment section below. I will be glad to listen to your ideas. After all, two heads think better than one.

And by the way, If you just want to leave us some words of encouragement, it will be highly appreciated too!

With all said, if you’re still here, I would like to THANK YOU for your time reading our ideas and goals on our Products Reviews page and leaving your feedback. It will help us tremendously in our ongoing growing process as a website and community.

If you like what we are doing here at Against the Ropes, please consider following us everywhere ( but not in the street, that’s weird :)), and I will catch you around!

Stay strong, keep on moving and keep loving pro wrestling! Amor Fati! : )

Pompeu Pedrosa,

Founder of Against the Ropes.