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The art of true living in this world is more like a wrestler’s than a dancer’s practice.

Marcus Aurelius
The Pro Wrestler 101 Guide

The Pro Wrestler 101 Guide

The Pro Wrestler 101 Guide is a page dedicated to everyone who wants to invest in their personal development and perhaps in a career as a professional wrestler.

With that in mind, we will create multiple series of articles to help you improve yourself in different topics, such as diets, exercise modalities, and general healthy habits that will help you improve and maintain your physical and mental health.

Supposing your dream is to become a professional wrestler. In that case, I am sure you will be happy to know that I will do my utmost to talk with pro wrestlers, managers, bookers, etc. – despite their status – to learn what it takes to become a professional wrestler nowadays.

Bringing to life my intentions of talking with people within the pro wrestling industry will materialize in the form of a series of interviews on which I will share with you all the knowledge and advice straight from the source.

With time, The Pro Wrestler 101 Guide page goals’ will eventually be more narrowed to help you understand even better how we will be helping you become a better person, athlete, and perhaps a professional wrestler.

Although for the time being – attending the volume of content that The Pro Wrestler 101 Guide page has – the goals and direction of the page are pretty straightforward.

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Never stop investing in yourself!

I hope you appreciate our efforts and ambitions with this page, though if you feel that we can improve in ways we are not aware of, do not hesitate to drop us some words in the comment section below. I will be glad to listen to your ideas. After all, two heads think better than one.

And by the way, if you just want to leave us some words of encouragement, it will be highly appreciated too!

Curious about some of the content on the page? You can check it here or here.

With all said, if you are still here, I would like to THANK YOU for your time reading our ideas and goals on our The Pro Wrestler 101 Guide page and leaving your feedback. It will help us tremendously in our ongoing growing process as a website and community.

If you like what we are doing here at Against the Ropes, please consider following us everywhere ( but not in the street, that’s weird :)), and I will catch you around!

Stay strong, keep on moving and keep loving pro wrestling! Amor Fati! : )

Pompeu Pedrosa,

Founder of Against the Ropes.

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